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Can You Wind A Pickup Totally By Hand - No Winder

Johnny Foreigner

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I cannot see any reason as to why not but taking into account winding it accurately and with the same tension throughout will be a very time consuming and long winded affair. Why not knock up a little winder with a small stepper motor that will at least do the grunt work for you and all you need to do is concentrate on getting the wire on ?

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it can be done, and has by a few brave souls. Tension being the biggest problem(staying consistent) and winding layers. But there is no reason it couldn't be. BTW 42 and 43 ga wire breaks very easilly. You learn this when you first start winding.

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Mount the bobbin on a battery drill or in your drill press.... then make some guides because if you miss the bobbin it is going to suck.

For the record 5000-6000 winds on a 50mm bobbin @ 720 rpm is about 10-11 minutes.

10,000 ?? you must be planning a P90. That will be a chore. Easier to bang up a quick winder....

Not a bad place to start

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