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Using Fiber Veneer Sheets In A Neck

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At what thickness do you begin to compromise strength and stabiity in a laminate neck when using fiber veneer? Is 1/16" pushing it?

Anything over 1/16" I would recommend using real wood veneer. I did some strength tests on fiber veneer and did not like the results. I would never use fiber veneer in a scarf joint (not that I was going to) because the sheer strength is closer to paper than wood.

In my book fiber veneer is for under headplates and making nice laminated trussrod covers and pickguards. Cosmetic uses.

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So, RAD, you wouldn't even use a thinner 1/32" fiber veneer in a scarf joint?.


That said most of my guitars go to working guys that beat the crap out of them so I can not afford for one to fail.

When I use colored veneer I use died wood veneers. Preferably maple. I know that a lot of the black real wood veneers are pear wood. Usually I try to make my own veneers that way I get the grain running the way I want. A veneer pealed from a tree will have a completely different (and less stable IMHO) grain pattern then a quartersawn veneer. Always make sure the grain is running the correct direction (with the neck not across).

A simple test. Make a scarf in scraps about the same size as a neck blank. Then when it is cured (24 hours).. clamp it in a vise and "HIT IT WITH A HAMMER" observe results.

I like to try and hit it like a headstock would get hit...(insert significant other joke here) :D



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