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How To Get Rid Of Scuff Mark From Sticker?

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Hey guys. Haven't been on here for a while!

Just asking around for some advice/help.

How do I get rid of a scuff mark from sticker that was on my pickguard..

The pickguard is black too.. ugh..

Any ideas?

Is it a scuff or a glue mark? If it's glue, pure lemon juice should dissolve it. If it is actually a scuff, Brasso or similar should help :D

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If it's glue you can also use mineral spirits, naptha, lighter fluid, rubbing alcohol. I would stay away from more aggresive solvents like acetone (or nail polish), lacquer thinner, MEK, Xylene. I've used Goo Gone before, but I don't know whats in it so I would check first to make sure there is nothing that will harm the plastic.

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