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Diy Digital Guitar Effect Processor


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Hi All,

I've posted a few times on here for help with amp conversions, but this time I'm just here to show off a completed project.

For my embedded systems course this year, we had to design and build some kind of final project. Naturally, my partner and I chose to make a digital effects processor for guitar. You can see our demonstration here:

This summer, I plan to expand upon this idea, using 16- or 24-bit sound instead of 8-bit, and using a more powerful processor chip. I'm also going to package it in a floor unit with a backlit LCD and some pushbuttons that will act as stomp switches. It should be cool.

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very nice have you ever thought of implementing this concept with old computer ram to make one hell of a delay. if you think about it it would a great way to utilize old computer ram and people can upgrade the length of their delay as well right at home. peter snowberg and i were talking about this on the other forum back in the day when i was going there that is lol. i don't have a lot of experience with adc other than replacing them and building old school ones that are not suitable to my needs in a clean delay.

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