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Diy Di From A Small Amp?


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Hey gang, its been awhile! So I was discussing with the band about recording when it came up that I will probably need to get a DI for my bass. I have an AMPEG B2R head with an XLR DI on the back, but its shot (like they all are apparently) I went through my parts bin and found an old Gorilla bass practice amp that the entire speaker was destroyed on. I had removed the amp casing and left it for reasons I cant remember. Now, with a little effort, I think I can rewire it into a mean little active DI box. Before I go and tear things apart, has anyone done something like this? Sorry if my "outside the box" mentality bugs some of you who havent been on the forums at the same time I had.

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The most important part of a DI box is to do the impedance matching that you will need. That will depend on your source and your intended output or receiving device. If using an unbuffered piezo, you need to account for it differently than using passive magnetic pickups. I'm sure it's possible, though I might personally rather start a DI box from scratch rather than rework something that is not purpose made for the application. That being said, go for it and see what happens.

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