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Wood - Help.

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Ok,I have in plan to start with building custom guitar. I have 5385739653 questions becouse I don't know what I really want.

1. I was planing Black Limba/Korina body,Maple top with Rosewood neck. I don't have much money so I decided not to buy Brazilian RW. I can't decide between: Honduras RW,East Indian RW,Cocobolo/Mexican RW,Pau Ferro/Bolivian RW and Madagascar RW. Which one would be the "best"?

2. Where I can buy Black Limba/Korina,Maple and Rosewood in Europe?

3. How does neck scale and number of frets affect on sound?

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1. As long as its hard enough to hold the frets and has some visual appeal, it really doesn't matter. Cost is another variable, such as if its worth buying a more figured expensive piece rather than a good, fair priced piece.

2. Ebay can give you some good deals, although shipping could possibly cost more than the wood itself. XD

3. The number of effects shouldn't affect the sound, but the scale length does have a factor. I forget exactly what variations do what for the sound, although I assume that a longer scale gives more of a bass/low end quality, as most 8 strings have a 27.5 inch scale for the thickest strings. This would also follow some rules of wind instruments where that the longer a distance the air travels, the lower the note. Theres a specific name for this, but it eludes me. Someone else here could probably elaborate more...

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Read more before you start. I can tell you could use a little more (no offense) from your questions. Secondly, I REALLY would advise against using high-dollar materials like the ones you're talking about on your first build. That said, there's a lumber yard in Arnhem NL that carries guitar-building wood and has blank limba body blanks (pretty pricey... but when I was there most lumber yards that even had korina STILL had no idea there was a black variety!!! haahha and it's from the same tree!!).


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