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  1. Whenever I try to load the Project Guitar Homepage I get an error message, regardless of the web browser I'm using. Is the main site down or something?
  2. 8 String Octobass? I only see 6 strings... :/
  3. Tore out all the sheilding tape in the input, and it always picks up now. Thanks guys! I might have to do a bit of rewiring to get the best sound out of it though, as I switched it to a different wiring diagram than the one provided by Dimarzio.
  4. Its not touching any wires, but its touching part of the metal where the jack connects to. It would be easiest just to remove the material around it. Thanks guys!
  5. No just make sure it is not contacting the hot input of the jack. SR I think it is, so I'll make sure to remove that as quickly as I can. Thanks guys.
  6. Yes, I extensively measured the distance from nut to bridge. I currently don't have anything to measure with, although I have measured many times previously. But onto something I can fix now, DO I REMOVE THE SHIELD TAPE FROM THE INPUT CAVITY?
  7. I shielded the entire cavity with copper shielding. Is that the problem? Should I just tear all that out? XD I feel like a I did a good job soldering, so I don't think its a wiring contact issue. I didn't use the stewmac template, a friend slotted the fretboard for me along with where the nut needs to go. The scale is still 25.5, I don't have anything to measure it here though, but I measured it last weekend with a ruler and tape measure. Actually, it could be that point that dpm99 said, it all depends on where the contact with the string ends. I'll check this and get back. Still
  8. Almost done with my 7 string, but theres some problems left. I slotted the nut appropriately, set the action, and tuned to standard. When I fret a note, its a sharper pitch than what it should be. So, I tuned the frets appropriately to their respective notes and it has good intonation without being set up yet. I am able to play fretted notes all across the strings and everything sounds fine, great even, but anything involving an open string is horribly out of tune. Assuming I played an F on my 6th string, the open string would be a much flatter than normal E, so much of a difference it
  9. Thats how I tested, but I also took another guitar, strummed all the strings, and held it up to the pickup while twisting the volume and tone knobs. I'll string the instrument up and pursue wiring correction at a later time.
  10. I got them because I heard they would give me some more responsive/clear tone. Still wondering why this thing isn't working, but I'll string it and set it up before trying to wire it again.
  11. Oh ****. I might've just started some massive misdirection. I forgot that when pots are measured they go by 250k, 500k, or 1000k-1meg. When I think of those numbers, the k isn't really needed as its implied, so when I said 1k, I meant 1000, which would be 1000k, which is a 1 meg. I am using two 1 MEG pots. 1000k potentiometers, for the tone and volume. I am terribly sorry about that.
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