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Epiphone G-1275

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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and still noodling my way around (what a wealth of information!)

Here's the deal, I acquired an Epiphone G-1275 (Double Neck 6 and 12 String). Considering it was build in 99 and probably sat in someone basement for years the body and finish are in pretty good condition. The tuners are bent, the toggle switches are broken and the electronics are noisey, and ALL are going to be replaced. Frets need a little work and the bridges are green from corrosion. Bottomline: everything is going to be replaced. I never intend on selling it as it is exclusively for my collection and for me to play with!

I'm soliciting suggestions/recommendations for the following:

NUT ????

PICKUPS (Lace Alumintone for 12 string side, and maybe Lace Deathbuckers or DiMarzio EJ Customâ„¢ DP211, DP212 or Bluebuckers for 6 string side) thoughts?

BRIDGE Piezo replacements for both. Thoughts?


Volume/tone - push/pull

going to leverage Seymour Duncan Triple Shots for the mounting rings for series/parallel switching

Considering individual volume and tone for each pickup (including bridge)

plus phase switches for both sets.

I'd appreciate the thoughts of experienced builders on this endeavour and any recommendations would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your care and attention in this matter!

Musical style: Blue, Jazz, Classic Rock, Hard Rock

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