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Old Guitar Wiring


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Hey guys,

I just picked up this random old guitar on the weekend (ive got no idea what brand it is.. maybe a teisco) and the only problem with it is the electronics, theres a few small things that need to get fixed in it. As far as i can tell the wiring goes Pickups>> to lightswitch kind of switches>>volume>> tone pot.

the volume and tone pots configuration is simular to a les paul... but the switches are before the pots. Im just trying to figure out how to get both pickups to get to the output. Any ideas???

Sorry if that doesnt make sense

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lets get this straight, because now it sounds different again which may be me misreading things - its why i like pictures :D

do you have 2xvolume, 2xtone, 2 x light switch?

if so i would do it exactly like a les paul.... pickup to volumes, volumes to switch, switch to output... tone control as a spur off from the volume

but for the switch wiring look at the pic i posted - you only need to use the bottom half like the pic i have shown but you may find extra wires or resistors on there - some of them have them, some dont. get rid of them

you can see that the two outside solder lugs on the bottom row of the switch come from the volume pots, the two inner lugs are soldered together and sent to the output.

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Ahh ok. makes sense now, I think I'll wiring it like a les paul as youve suggested.

Its already wiring having the switch straight after the pickups, which is why I was having trouble understanding how to get the 2 tone pots to the output.

Plus its good i can wire the switch like the photo..... it looks very confusing at the moment. Thanks alot!

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