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Question About Paduak Back And Sides

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So we are ataring to decide on woods for acoustic back and sides in luthiery school and i have been thinking about using paduak but i have no idea about its tonal qualitys or how easy it is to bend and work with i have never usd it before so does anyone here have any info they can share on it?

Paduak is very brittle as well as heavy. I would equate it to bending bocote, not fun. I would not use it for an acoustic. But that's just my opinion. :D


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Hi Mikro, what wood would you suggest for a beginner to use for top,back,sides Thanks for your help Nick R.

Mahogany back and sides with a spruce top.

Mikro, I finally got to have a chance to ask my proffesor about this as well and I mentioned what you said and he said that students have built several acoustics in the past here with little to no trouble. He was saying something along the lines of the way they bend sides here is different from normal or something like that. As to the weight I didn't think it was too heavy when I used it before but then again it was not the amount of wood that would be used for a guitar. :D Thanks for the advice though. I might just try it to see how well it works or doesn't but I'll be careful to take it slow and try not to break it.

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