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Another Fun Wiring Diagram!


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mostly because i spent quite a while doing it, so i figure more than just the person i made it for can benefit.

the details:

3 P/p pots


HSH setup

5 way toggle

I didnt designate which switches are P/p and which is dpdt, thats up to whoever.

Phase reverse for middle single coil

Series/parallel switch for bridge humbucker bobbins

Split switch for splitting both bridge and neck humbuckers

Blower switch for bridge pup

Master tone

Master volume

Hi-pass blower pot for bridge pup - rolls highs straight to output (add in twang whenever you want!)

Often with this many switches and things there are flukes here and there, or dead settings that make no sound in the wrong combination.

im happy to say that the only fluke on this is when the coil split switch is set to split, but the bridge ser/par switch is set to parallel, it wont split the bridge, it will stay parallel. the normal setting should be in series, in which case it will split the bridge as desired.

enjoy =)


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