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my first guitar project


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Hi all,

I'm starting my first guitar project. It took me a while to do all the preparations, but i think i can finally start building.

I got hold of some wood. It's called Sipo.

Can I use this kind of wood to cut out my solid body?

The pieces are big enough to cut out the body without glueing them together.

Can i do it this way, or do I have to glue two pieces together ?

I'll probably have ton's of questions during the building. Just making sure i can use the wood i have now.

Any information is welcome.

see you guys arround

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The guy from the woodshop told me it was some kind of mahogony.

It has the same color and stucture for as far as I can see.

The pieces are 5 cm thick. I still have some planing to do, but I hope

it will leave me enough wood for the body.

I will probably go and buy my hardware by the end of this week. I was thinking of using a non trem bridge, to keep it simple for the first time.

I was thinking of buying a set of Fender Vintage noiseless pickups.

Hope to have some pictures to show soon.

See You

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Hello guys,

the guitar i'm building is a solid body. it's not a copy of any existing stuff. The body looks like a combination of a fender strat and a gibson les paul.

at first i made all calculations (scale, bridge possition, fret possitions etc...)

fist all drawings were made on a piece of paper. i decided to redo the drawings in acad2000.

the whole idea was to print them out on a 1:1 scale and use these printouts to make templates.

does this make any sence? i thought, once i had the templates, making the guitar would be somewhat easier. (maybe this is wishfull thinking)

i ordered a special router bit to use with these templates.

the body on the acad drawing is not correct. i only needed the dimensions from the pocket, pickups and bridge. the distances should be correct.

does any of this makes any sence to you guys, or am i going the wrong way?

i'm trying to put some of the drawings here, but seems i can't put any dynamic links here.

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