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Hh Wiring With Coil Tap


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I have a wiring problem I need a solution for and I'm hoping someone can help. I am building an electric Mandolin that I have already purchased a DIMarzio DP 188 and DP 186 for. The problem is I am unsure of how to wire this up the way the owner would like. I am building it for my brother who has some specific ideas of what he wants. I have searched your wiring diagrams, but cannot find one that matches my parts. The 3 way toggle I would like to use for Neck, Neck and Bridge, Bridge selection. The push/pull, I would like to use for a coil tap function for at least one of the pickups. The diagrams I have found show toggle switches, but they don't have 6 lugs like the one I show. I am no wiring guru, so I really need a "paint by numbers" kind of diagram. The entire control section is 1 Push/Pull Vol, 1 Tone, and the three way with 6 lugs.

Thanks, Mike

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On your push pull ground both the top lugs, then Take the two wires on your pickup that you tied together (I'm assuming these are four lead pickups) and connect them to the middle lugs one on one side one on the other. Is pretty simple I'm just not sure if I can explain it right.

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