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Split In Soundboard: Repair Recommendations

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Hi all,

Today I noticed a split in the lower bout of my 6-years-old OM acoustic. The split runs parallel to and about 1" to the right of the center seam of the soundboard, from the bottom of the bridge to about 3/8" from the binding. I've linked to a photo at the bottom of the post. I am not sure how or when this happened, as I am not aware of the guitar suffering any trauma recently (although it has been through many moves, flights, etc.).

This was the first guitar I built, and has sentimental value for other reasons. It is built imperfectly, but I had assumed that the top bracing errs on the side of caution.

Does anyone have any recommendations for repair, and what should I do in the meantime? Reduce string tension? Should I play it?




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It looks like a fine guitar, and the the top looks close grained too. I would suggest you post this over at OLF (http://luthiersforum.com/forum/). I could give you some suggestions, and there are a few people here with extensive experience with this sort of work, but you'll not only get advice on how to fix it, but someone might be able to help you figure out what happened. Of course, if you wave a capacitor at them, most of they'll tremble in fear.

Look at this as another great learning experience with this guitar.

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