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Nut Slotting Files


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Anyone used the axemasters ones? They sell on eBay and use a jewellers saw with some round cutting pieces

Anyone here tried several different types and can offer advice on buying nut slotting files?

I've always made guitars with kahlers and floyds so nut making is going to be on my " to learn" list


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Haven't seen the Axminster ones.

Definitely don't waste your money on any of the set of 3 double edged ones that are sold on ebay and maybe Stewmac. They are awful.

Stew-mac's regular ones ( the thin ones with the red tips)are OK.

The best by far are the Grobet files. If you can find them, they are absolutely worth the money.

I have had some for ages, and they are still way better then the Stewmac ones I picked up a couple years ago, even after doing stuff like deepening the slots in a Floyd locking nut.

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Yep, them's the ones.

I tried ordering from him, but get an error message when I add anything to the cart.

It'll be some time till I'm cashed up enough to buy such an extravigant item so maybe they'll have it solved by then!


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