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Color/dyes And Oil

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Shellac washcoat, pore fill with black pore filler, sand back to remove excess pore filler and shellac.

If you still have pores, wash coat again and pore fill, sand back as before and repeat till everything is glass smooth (if you want a smooth finish), then sand off shellac for the last time.

Use TransTint dye and mix with water and denatured alcohol 1:1 with as much dye as you want for the desired density of black.

Apply the dye and let dry overnight, and then sand it back with 400 grit to remove the raised grain (fuzzies on the wood surface from putting water on it).

If you like the shade of black, make up a light to medium black dye mix to fill in the color that was removed from sanding off the fuzzies, let dry and move on to finishing.

If you want it darker, do a heavier dye coat and if you want it lighter, sand it back harder, raise the grain with a wipe of distilled water from a clean damp towel, let dry, sand back the fuzzies and dye lightly to desired density.

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