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examples of fretboard cut.


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should be www.breedloveguitars.com. Had a peek and didn't see anything special anyway...

So, I took a look through "Blue Guitar" and found some names that you can search for...

"The Chinery Collection" - where all of these guitars are from...

"D'Aquisto Centura Deluxe" - Nice rounded egg shaped end of the fingerboard, curved down to the 1st and 2nd strings. Simple and sexy.

"Zeidler Jazz Deluxe Special" - My top choise. End cut of the fingerboard like a "?" at a 45 degree angle. Sweet. Actually gives me the idea to cut the end of the fretboard like the "J" in my "Jehle" logo. :D

"Theo Scharpach" - Simple "/" cut at the end of the fingerboard.

"Steve Grimes Jazz Laureate" - An exagerated S curve. Nice.

Hope that helps.

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