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Where I can learn online guitar. Please give me quality resource.

You didn't say what style, or whether you can pay or need free, so:

Toby Walker does live skype lessons (I havn't used this service, but he is a good player - check him on youtube).

Stefan Grossman has free youtube samples (whole song lessons) from guitar workshop dvd's. Guitar workshop tutorial videos can be bought as digital downloads from their website.

Matthieu Brandt has a great website with lots of great stuff, he also has some great tutorial vids on

This is a good jazz guitar site with lots of stuff to learn.

For rock and pop type stuff, youtube has millions of useful clips that will keep you going for years.

Best thing to start is get a guitar and some guitar music you like, then try to work out what the notes are. Try to meet guitar players and ask them to show you stuff. Get a good book (one that you can understand) that has some music theory for gutarists in it.



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