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  1. Primer Grey Primer / Base Coat; Body Cuts Dipped
  2. Been working on a strat kit this year. Technically two, as my FIL is doing one also. Typical S/S/S with tremolo. Plan is to bypass the tone knob and a couple tweaks with the wiring and pup cavities. It came with the tummy cut. I added a knee cut on the lower bout and widened the upper to match. Rattle can grey primer/base coat. Dipped in PacNorWest colors of Pacific Blue, Lime Green and Silver enamel. Blue did not take well on the front: 90% of it sank. Will dry for probably a week and then sand and coat. ... I've tried several time but URL, links, and click-and-drag won't work to attach the pics. "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. "
  3. Elec - Turner Model1 LB-P featherweight or PRS Custom 22 Acou - Breedlove C25/CRe-H or Ibanez Talman
  4. Thanks David. The electronics and hardware are plug and play but I was happy I actually get to do some soldering because the job done on the jack was junk. Will see how the pups last after I plug 'er in.
  5. Wife surprised me with a strat-style kit from Rockler. Thanks to my FIL engraving and printing biz I hope it won't be recognizable when I'm done. It may be cheating but gotta start somewhere!
  6. Looks nice, Wes. Really like the birds eye top
  7. That would be one of the overall problems diluting society: do it wrong enough for long enough and no one will care anymore.
  8. PSW- that very much along the lines of what I had in my head. Vid sounded great.
  9. I think the most overlooked would be Takamine. A large portion of country artists use them and they have good looks and are versatile plugged in.
  10. Thanks a ton David. I wasn't thinking thinking of an onboard simulator- just wiring it up with a standard 5 position selector and alternate between electric acoustic and electric. I merely mentioned the simulator for comparison: my apologies for any confusion.
  11. Turner is a lot of the "inspiration" for this... Why not free up instruments and pedals? Guitar with one (or two) parallel wired humbuckers or pafs and a Fishmann style acoustic pup.
  12. Digitech makes an acoustic emulator pedal for use with an electric... why not bring it onboard? Any thoughts on if a electric/acoustic (acoustic and electric pups) is feasible?
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