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Amplifier Question


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Not sure if this is the right place for this. It's realy a stupid question. I have a Fender FM212 Front Man about eight or nine years old, but that is of no real issue. On the control panel there are these two inputs, one is marked PRE OUT and the other, PWR IN. The manual says they can be used for effects device in this way. " Connect pre out to an effects device input, then connect the effects devise output to PWR IN". It goes on to describe how to connect multiple amps and recording or reinforcment.

What is concidered an effects device and what will this option do for me?. Does this mean I can say, plug in my wha pedal and use it connected to the amp insted of connecting it in the normal way, guitar to pedal pedal to amp. What is concidered reinforcement??. I don't use it much anymore and I never used it on stage during a performance. Comments????? I used an old Sunn Sceptre, 4 12's and an exrtra 2, 12's

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That's your effects loop. An amp consists of two sections: preamp and power amp. Preamp generally has a bigger effect on your tone, and power amp affects your volume, though that's over-generalized. Do some Google searching on how to effectively use an effects (or fx) loop. Generally you'll stick modulation and time effect pedals in there, but it all depends on what you want to do.

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very good and clear dpm99 there are tons of things to do with an fx loop. i had a bi amp rig that i was using an old fender champ that was ss but had blown its output ic and was prone to overheating. it sounded like carp on its own but through the headphone amp out to the fx loop in of the fender bass amp i was using it was god like.so i would use the chorus to split my guitar signal into both amps. and use the fx loop like a channel switch since it had only one channel i would set the clean tone up normal to get good guitar tones and use the eq on the champ to get good rhythm tones and a switchable graphic eq on the end to get good lead tones. since i did not use the fx loop send only the return. the master volume was set by my champ for dirty and by the master volume level on the bass amp for clean. it was a nice little rig i miss it. i used it for a couple years for dream theater and vai type stuff.

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