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Best Pickup For Country, Blues


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Hey folks. I been drooling over a new les Paul studio 50s tribute lately. They don't carry any around here so I have no other choice but to order one.

I was reading about the pickups in these, a 497t in the bridge. I don't play any metal or distortion music and I'm concerned this pickup isn't right for me? I'm looking for a nice clean tone for blues and old country instrumentals. Yea I know just get a telecaster. Well I have one but I like the feel of a les Paul better. I don't mind the fat beefy tone, just want it to be clean. The hottest I might get in tone would be playing chuck berry stuff, and I love the sound of chucks Gibson. I know it's a semi hollow body but that's the sound I'm after, that classic tone

My budget is about 850 and I really like the 50s tribute vintage sunburst but I'm unsure about the 497t and neck pickup. I'm afraid they will be too hot.

Or am I wrong? I know looking at them they look like two single coil pickups tied together in the pics, my neibors les Paul studio I borrowed once had a solid looking set of pickups, just a square solid pickup which were humbuckers I suppose. This 497T set is supposed to be humbuckers too but they sure don't look like it

Sorry if this all sounds silly. I'm a acoustic guy and not well schooled in pickups and elec guitars. Just trying to get back into electrics again to take a break from the routine.

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