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Have You Guys Tried This Stuff?

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I just got this stuff from my dad. he found a huge woodworking finish box at a yard sale for like 5 bucks. Came with a bunch of minwax stuff, different polys, deft cans to brush finishes, stains. etc. In the box I saw this stuff. I figured.. what the heck lets test it on scrap.

I put one decently thick coat on a test scrap piece and it came out great! This stuff has like little to no odor at all, dries fast (applied sanded and hand buffed within 30-45 minutes), auto leveled to a thin coat, and dries pretty tough. I just hit my scrap with my keys on a chain and it only left a very small dent. I figure with a lot more coats this stuff would be tough seeing as its supposed to be for floors?

This is what it looked like after one coat. Im going to add more tonight and see what i get. hopefully after maybe 4 more i can get a level really shiny finish on this scrap :)



Its hard to get a picture of the shine with my phone but its pretty reflective for one coat.


(Ill update as I add coats.)

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My thoughts are that it says semi-gloss, so you likely won't get the uber shiny surface you want, but I'm always up for trying new stuff.

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oh i know that haha. Im just saying thoughts if anyone has tried it and got great results with clear? I might get some after seeing the second coat

I hand buffed pretty hard. the semi gloss leaned more toward gloss haha


the figure looks great!


I might just have to try this stuff on a project soon :)

oh yeah forgot to say, this stuff does shrink a bit back into the pores of the wood so i assume its going to take a lot of coats. ill keep counting and testing on this scrap

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good to know. the scrap piece came out looking awesome but it would suck on the carves and such i assume. Maybe ill just use it as a brush on sealer?

Ill pass on some of my experience. Im not even close to 1/50th as talented as some of these guys are here, but I've made my own mistakes and learned from them.

I know EXACTLY what you are doing, you are looking for a cost effective, and good result clear coat. Im here to tell ya, you really truly get what you pay for. You dont need 300$ per pint clear, but a good 2 pack clear that will run about 50$ is what you're looking for most likely.

Nitro.... for me is over rated junk, but it has its place I suppose. Catalyzed varnish was informed to me by westheman here, and its just truly amazing stuff to work with. check out mohawk paints.

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