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Treble Bleed Cap Question


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HI all!

I have a capacitor question for everyone... I have a tele build with texas specials. I used the tele wiring kit from stew-mac. Over all I am generally happy with the tone, but it can be a bit shrill with the tone knob all the way up and as I turned the tone down, it got muddy quickly. The caps that come with the kit are not the best, so I thought I would swap them and see what I liked best. After putting in alligator clips I tested a bunch of caps and settled on a GE orange .012. I know that's low, but it cleaned up the sound a lot when the tone knob is at any setting.

My question is what to do the other cap in the circuit. I think it is a treble bleed, but I'm not positive. My question is, should this change in value given the change in the tone cap?

At present, the volume control takes the guitar to zero volume and slowly brings it up starting about 1/4 of a turn in.

Any input would be appreciated!

The wiring diagram is:


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The tele tone wiring is actually fairly notorious for doing what you described. One common modification is to put the cap between lug 3 of volume and lug 1 of tone (instead of the jumper wire) and then connect lug 2 of tone to ground. Since the resistor and cap are in series, you can swap places. The end effect is that the tone knob is more usable. Of course, if you found a cap you like, then go with it. As for the treble bleed, you can keep or lose it, it's up to you. It simply lets some treble bypass the volume control so that when you roll volume down, it doesn't sound so muddy.

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wow 1.6hz roll off i like your style i did that with my active emg and a 1uf film cap and got a great meaty blues tone that i had never heard from an emg before. way to step outside the box brother :D

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