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Side Bending Machine Help

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I have built a bending Machine and have a few questions about bending sides.

Using a bending machine similar to a Fox how close to the molds will the sides fit after bending. Will there be some spring back that will occur with the sides (about ½ top and bottom bend and about 3/16 at waist)

Is it ok to glue up with the spring back being clamped to mold to hold shape or do the sides have to fit the mold perfectly before clamping?

Do some of you modify the molds of the bending machine to over bend so when relaxed it springs back to exact shape?

Thanks for your help

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By no means an expert, but some experience at least.

There will be spring back. The spring back depends on several things; Wood, heat used during bending, wetness of the wood and possible several more. I don't think there is a specific number possible to predict for the spring back. I have had about maybe 1/2" at the ends. Less at the waist.

Yeas tit is OK, Better is to let the sides cool down in a mold so that they better confirm to the final shape.

There is luthier that make the sides over bent in the bending machine to avoid extra stress when gluing the sides to the top/back. I don't

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