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neck pocket help

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O.K. while routing out a neck pocket for a strat, I slipped and cut about 2mm too much out of the upper side in a slight "S" shape. Is there any way that I can fix this? I've been considering squareing the sides, glueing in a new piece of wood and re-routing the pocket. A few suggestions would be great. :D

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Thats probably ur best option. I had a jem copy I did that on once... at first I tried the easy way and used filler... not good... still it was my first attempt. in the end I routed a dovetail into the body at the point I made my mistake for extra strength and it worked fine... I'm not sure about just gluing a piece to the existing wood as my fear was the stability issue... so thats why I dovetailed it...

I still have the guitar now and its still as strong as an ox... dovetailing maybe overkill but then it worked!!! :D

Maybe use a buscuit router intsted?

hope it helps! B)

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Well after some messin around with ideas I decided not to use another piece of wood. I ended up going with glass bedding for rifle stocks (slow set time). It's working out pretty good. It didn't change the way the guitar sounds or feels.

Oh ya! For anyone who also tries this stuff be sure to puchase release agent with it. This stuff bonds to just about everything.

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