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ok guys I stumbled across this on the net.


this guy make pro waterslide decals for guitars and anything else you may need a waterslide for,he also makes logo inlays and he will make originals for your project as long as you provide the artwork.

In a reply mail I got from Mike he said he may offer a discount to forum members ordering from him. Please do not abuse this by reselling on ebay or upgrading your cheapy guitar with the expensive decal and then selling it.

do to tech problems I cant post a list of what they sell so go to the site and have look

hope this helps some of you refinnishers orppl looking for original decals for your own stuff.

cya Rick

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Hi all and thanks to Rick for mentioning us !

This is Mike from The Decal Shop in the UK, just to expand on what we do for anyone who needs stuff from us.

As an offer for Forum members, we can give you 25% off any decal shown on the website or custom orders - just let us know your ID name on here when you order.

We post worldwide and offer quantity discounts for guitar makers or if you just need a lot of decals in one go for your projects.

Our main business is making custom designed decals and inlays for luthiers, project builders, restorers etc... We specialise in obscure models, vintage guitars - the kind of thing you can't get anywhere else.

The decals are heat bonded waterproof and lacquerproof ink on very thin clear backing films, so once applied they look original - you dont see any edges to the decal or get that opaque look to the backing like you sometimes see. We can produce in any colour you need, including white, gold and silver.

( As a note to the guy above, you can print waterslides on an inkjet, but if the decal gets wet or you want to lacquer over it, all the ink smudges or washes off completely !!! :D .

We can make up anything you need for your project, as well as personalised stuff - either from your own designs or we can design for you. We can also produce custom mother of pearl ( white, pink or gold MOP ) or abalone inlays as required.

You can download a free fitting and refinishing guide from our website, and we give e-mail support to help you through the project if you need it - if you dont fancy applying the decal or inlay yourself, we offer a cheap fitting service which includes relacquering and polishing.

Think that covers most things, always happy to answer e-mails, or post your query here and I can answer that way.

Any other general questions about decals, inlays, refinishing, design etc.. feel free to ask.



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OK, quick answers, e-mail me if you need more elaboration !

:D ACE - any format is OK, we print from vector graphics only as using compressed formats gives crappy results ! - so CDR, DXF, EPS - pretty much anything - if you've only got a JPEG or similar we can convert this to vector, there is a small charge for this depending on the complexity of the design.

B) RSERA - Specific prices vary, but you're looking at approx £80 to do a maple Fender type headstock, including all decals, relacquer and polish. A black or coloured headstock is around £95 inc.

Inlay work starts at around £50 plus the cost of the inlay ( this is for something small like a Gibson crown inlay ) Gibson type logos from £70 plus inlay.

Other inlay work such as fretboard inlays, body inlays etc... we prefer to quote on a job by job basis as it varies depending on the quantity of material needed, design complexity etc..

The customer needs to cover the postage both ways, so bear this in mind if considering it, obviously something like a bolt on neck is cheaper to send than a les paul needing work, but saying that we do have customers in the USA and Europe who send over complete guitars for restoration !

No specific requirements really, we work on guitars in all sorts of conditions, generally best to remove all hardware just to make shipping cheaper, but whatever is easiest for you.


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