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Third Build Update String Ground Issue

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Here is an update on the semi-hollowbody build that I recently posted on the Not So f-holes thread. It is a chambered ash body with a 1/4 in maple cap/top. Let me know what you think. I have a bit of a problem though. I did not solder a wire to the post stud before I hammered it into the body because I have stacked p90's that cancel hum, but now I'm thinking that I need a string ground for undesired noise. Based on the pictures what do you guys think I should do to ground the strings?

https://lh4.googleus...0/photo (1).JPG


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Since no one else has offered anything, I'll chime in.

I'm assuming this is a wraparound bridge, right? Otherwise, you could just ground the tailpiece. It looks like you might be able to use one of those extra long drill bits like this one...


...and drill from your output jack (I'm assuming it will be along the side near the control cavity) through the control cavity and aimed directly at one of the posts. Then you'll have a channel to run a wire through. I'm not sure if you'd be able to solder it, but you could jam a bunch of wire in there and plug it with something to maintain a good mechanical connection.

Or you could just leave them ungrounded and see if that noise is really a problem.

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