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best semi-hollow body kits

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In the last two years, I have done two builds, guitars for myself, each one slightly more involved. First was a Warmoth bolt together, second was a Precision Kits based LP Junior build (which came out real nice). I am in the information gathering phase of my 3rd (and possibly last) guitar build which I want to be a hollow, small bodied double cut away. Sort of like a Reverend Manta Ray 290 ( http://www.reverendguitars.com/instrument/manta-ray-290/ ). I am considering constructing the hollow body shape myself, but don't really have the time, tools or expertise and am interested in a pre-fab kit, if I can find one of sufficient quality that approximates what I want. I have done some research and most of the pre-fab kits for hollow body guitars are Gibson 335 clones that include all hardware (pickups, bridge, electronics) and of questionable origins and materials quality. I just want a set neck kit consisting of a neck and body, preferably korina, solid back/sides, braced, rear routed, binding, etc. I wanted to see if anybody on this forum has any recommendations for a kit guitar that might suit my needs. Or if such does not exist, point me in the direction of learning how to build a hollow body set neck guitar from scratch (which I believe will be similar to building an acoustic; jigs, clamps, glues, bracing, etc.). THANKS!

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