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Solid Edge 2d "snap to" help for an idiot (me)

Mr Natural

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Placing this in Tools as I am not sure where else to post

first let me start by saying- I am an idiot- that cant seem to find the answer in help topics, or online, or thru google, or bing, or youtube, or by randonly clicking all the buttons etc. obviously my years of partying and such have caught up to me cause I feel so stupid that I cannot figure this out.

I am using Solid Edge 2D with a program for guitar design (I will post more on that once I get past this little snafu I am having)- anyway-the program for guitar design - the video that comes with it the guy is using Rhino 3D and does these "snap to" functions. He doesnt explain how to do it in Solid Edge- (though solid edge is referenced as a freebie program you can use with this design product).

anyway- I am trying to figure out how to snap one group (drawing) to another via center points. I am completely f'ing everything up- about to throw the computer. The computer is running VISTA so maybe I should chuck it anyway eh?

Anyone know anything about "snapping" in Solid Edge? if you do and can/are willing to help me- I will compensate you somehow someway.

I bought this program 2 years ago- ran into same issue and said "F-it" posted to the help group for the product- that was a complete joke- anyway- maybe I am just a dumbass (most likely) and its REALLY EASY I just cant figure it out. Its too cold in the shop- I just got over being sick for like a month and I pulled this back out and really want to get this rolling- anyway- enough whinning- thanks for listening......

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