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  1. this is some really impressive inlay Mike- I cant even imagine hand cutting all of that.
  2. I dig the lollar p-90s as well- I have not tried the overwound - I got the 50s wind and loved them so much I bought a second pair.
  3. looks great Scott! Whats the verdict on the Lollar? Which p90 wind did you go with? and maybe I missed it- whats the bridge pickup?
  4. I missed this post the other day- Best of luck John> invest in sunscreen :-)
  5. Dig that grain on the butt end. What a sexy a$$.
  6. Congratulations Mike- absolutely beautiful instrument.
  7. total respect and I applaud your efforts here. I would'nt know where to begin with metal working.
  8. drool.................... totally digging that blk limba
  9. It came out great Scott- how's the wife like it?
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