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  1. i am twitching just thinking of how freakin long did it take you to sand her. Geezus. my fingers hurt just thinking about it. as always- job well done.
  2. i am late to the party these days on everything- but- add my "atta boy" to the list. well done Matt, congrats.
  3. its been a while Andy- sorry I missed the journey on this one- looks fantastic- and congrats on the win.
  4. it will probably be a bit- dealing with some more pressing life issues at the moment unfortunately.
  5. i say live dangerously and go in bare handed. ScottR- very well deserved win on GOTY. You have a very unique style and that is all your own- and makes it that much more special.
  6. very nice job on the axe Mike- that sounds like a very versatile tele!
  7. this turned out great Matt. I dont know why I had it in my head (without re-reading beginning of your thread)- but somehow I had it in my head this was an octave mando -hell if I know why. did you build one of those before(?) maybe I am getting other builds on youtube in my head mixed up. regardless- the volume appears to be LOUD on that puppy. NICE. nice work as always.
  8. love the fretting jig. great to see you back!
  9. this axe is seriously bad arse. Nice work so far and I love the whole design soup to nuts (even the points which I dont normally like sharp points)
  10. i am late to the party. Damn matt- that island is fantastic. well done (and the bot aint bad either)
  11. attached a piece of wood across the front- again with pocket holes/screws: i didnt take a pic from the back- but the tops of the sides are attached to the back with a single 2 1/2" screw and glue-I drilled thru the back -and somehow managed to keep it all straight and not blow out the dowel with the screw. so from here I primed/painted the unfinished portions of the legs from the crib- I stained some boards for the seat (minwax provincial I think is the color-its actually darker than what this pic shows)- I added some felt underneath the legs/feet- and I didnt want any puncture marks in the seat slats- so instead of nailing them- they are only glued in place. This bench aint for a sitting, its fer a lookin only. ( and I removed the drop cloth for this pic in case any of you might be a worried I glued this over my exposed hardwoods) . and the finished bench with what looks to be winter themed "stuff" that the wifey has adorned it with. The stuff gets changed out every few months. I think the whole exercise was nothing more than a culvert operation the wifey pulled to be able to go buy more shite I mean "stuff". Whatever- she lets me be me- so- she can buy all the shite, i mean stuff she wants. guess she saved me a couple hundred as that is what these go for at junk scrap flea market shit i mean stuff sales. plus we had this empty space in the hall way that needed something- and what better than to put more shite, I mean stuff in the house.
  12. i used dowels and glue to attached these to the back frame- and onto the sides- whipped out the ol kreg mini jig thingy and made me some pocket holes attached the sides to the back part via said pocket holes and screws:
  13. I cant remember when I built this- a year or more ago I guess. Jenny Lind beds were everywhere in the whatever- late 50s/early 60s I guess. We had my wifes old one from when she was a kid up in our attic with a bunch of other crap we have been hanging onto for years. My wife showed me a pic of a bench made from one on instagram/pintrest and asked if I could build it. Of course my love/master/captain, of course. we start with the bed- I used spray paint & primer to both seal and fill in some of the wood. i forgot to remove the odd wooden oblong wheeled feet- so off they came i need to cut one of the ends of the bed in half to make the side rails- so- the dowel in the middle had to go so after fiddling around thinking about it- I realize that the height isnt right for this- and I need to jack it up a bit. So- hmm- lets look around previously mentioned crap loaded attic, and low and behold- a baby crib from 1960 something that absolutely is not in modern day safety code- not sure what we were thinking about saving it but- feeder stock it is
  14. i have always known that as the Godfather bass- and actually a few moments of some of my favorite music ever were made on that bass. I think the short scale gives is a bit of a better sound over "mission control" which is what I have been given to know as the name of the bass I referenced above. I have an email discussion somewhere in the cobwebs of my email with Rick Turner regarding these basses. Specifically I asked about the type of wood lamination on mission control and scale. The Guild is a shorter scale than mission control. i think it gives it "that sound" which I love so much. The sg bass he played prior (also short scale) at some point was fitted with filters on it as well- and I love that tone he gets from it.
  15. starting at 3:16-this alembic bass did it for me. i have (unlike most bass players I know) been hooked on filter based electronics ever since I first heard/saw this. that and the fact that 13 yr old me read that van halen built his own ax- i was in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQvGSzi9bi0
  16. looking good man- I have been lurking around and not commenting much- meant to say this the other day- and a belated bonus points on the beer cap. very cool.
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