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ESP LTD EC Series Set-Neck Removal - Help?

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Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has cracked open one of the ESP/LTD EC series (set neck), and removed the neck? I got one for a dirt cheap so it's become a project and ... long story short, fretboard is off, and I spent the rest of the day trying to remove the neck. I've tried heat gun + putty knife, iron/steam + putty knife, injecting steam into the joint (as much as possible) ... not even 1mm of budge from the stupid thing.

Any ideas? Any help/experience would be greatly appreciated :)

Oh, and to makes things more interesting, it seems the guys over at ESP have done away with the usual neck tenon design and left a lot more wood on the non-cutaway side, so there's a whole lot more mating surface for the joint. I've got pics if anyone wants to see it.

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Sure, post pics! Always great to see things under the hood. It is possible they did not use a heat-softening glue. If it was epoxied, you'd need to remove the rest of the guitar around it to dent the stuff. I would consider that it is entirely possible you might not get it to move.

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