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Polishing after wet sanding (acrylic paint/laqcuer


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I'm curious to see some replies to this as well. I am full on automotive paint / normal everyday products now, vs. order special fancy schmancy junk from web. Pain in the nuts. Had I known I get could the exact same results with acrylic lacquer that I could with nitrocellulose, I never would have used nitro... When I want stuff, I wanna drive down and pick it up, not order it and wait for UPS to bring it to me. =)

I will soon have a body done and ready after 2000 grit wet-sanding and am curious to see which polish I am going to go with. I don't think I will use turtle wax, but most likely a VERY light-abrasive armor all type product.

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What shall/can I use to polish a guitar body which is painted/laqcuered with acrylic car-spray cans?

Wet sanding is done. Is normal car-wax ok (like Turtlewax or similar)?

I use Meguires Mirror Glaze car polishes, #'s 2, 4, 9 & 7.

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