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Recessed routing and stud placement for non-fine tuner Floyd

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I read through a lot of old threads (here and elsewhere), but I haven't run across anything specifically related to the old non-fine tuner Floyds. I picked up a couple of these units used -- one is already installed non-recessed on a guitar, and the other awaits a project body.

These trems were originally sold as standard gear on several brands, most notably some mid to lower end Kramers. As far as I can tell, these were all face-mounted with no recess, perhaps as a cost-cutting move. They're basically similar to other Floyds, except they're about 3/4" shorter due to the absence of the "whale tail" for the missing fine tuners. Width and stud spacing are the same as an OFR. However, the baseplate is somewhat thinner by a couple mm.

I'd like to recess these trems, but I'm not sure how well the pre-made templates (Stew-Mac) will adapt to this model. I can route and have done pickups, some control cavities and various other projects, but I haven't tackled anything quite this ambitious...yet.

I have 3 questions:

1) Does anyone know of routing templates for these trems or know how well the standard ones will work?

2) If I conclude that I'm in over my head, is there anyone here who would undertake this job, or recommend a shop that could do it?

3) On the one guitar I have that came equipped with one of these trems, the studs were about 1/4" further from the 22nd fret as compared to a standard Floyd. That has me puzzled because examining the saddles and overall design, I can't see why this would be necessary for proper intonation. I'm wondering if this could be a manufacturing glitch, or if that is required on these non-fine tuner units.

Thanks to all!

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1. I have never seen read-made templates for those bridges. However, if you want to, and if you are willing to take all necessary measurements, I can make a drawing for a template. If you feel that you can make a template from a paper original you should be fine and if not, go to paragraph 2...

2. Look around, talk to your lokal guitar shop, if they cant help you they hopefully have a name locally.

3. Without the guitar at hand it is impossible to say. However you need to measure the string length, not the distance from the nut (or any fret) to the studs. The construction can be different, thus requiring different placement of studs. You need to measure the distance from nut to the saddles of the bridge, or really the break off point for the string to the nut.

If you would benefit from help with the template drawing PM me and I'll draw something up. I'll post the result here for anyone to use.

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Thanks for replying -- and sorry it took so long for me to reply. I've now made a trial template based on the outline and measurements of this trem, along with an examination of a regular Floyd routing pattern. I'm going to experiment on some scrap wood to see if I've got it right. If I need additional help, I will definitely PM you for guidance.

I think we'll be seeing a lot more of these non-fine tuner Floyds in the near future. They've gotten considerable attention since Charvel put one on their new Guthrie Govan signature model. Back when these were first produced (mid 80s?) they didn't make much sense, but with the advent of excellent locking machine heads, they have advantages. I'm pretty impressed with the one I put on an Ibanez guitar -- works great and I only have to retune every few days. I'm a believer!

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