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Painting a body with binding on it.


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I am painting a body in orange lacquer then clear. I don't want to chip, or have the white primer under the paint show due to the scraping of the binding. Should the binding be slight below, even, or slightly above the painted surface before scraping to have less a chance for the primer or paint chipping to occur due to scraping or does it make any difference.

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I recently did a gold top Les Paul and what I found is that by scraping the binding level before color coats, I ended up chipping the finish and is the one thing about the build that I kick myself about. If I were to do it again, I would leave the binding a little higher than the body, spray color, then some clear (a coat or two), then scrape back and shoot more clear. Then again, I have never tried it so I have no idea if it would work well or not.

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