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Tenor Guitars.

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Welcome to the forum!

I have not seen many tenor plans at all. However my auction (far from an expert) is that it is a more or less ful size traditional guitar body (from parlour to dreadnought) with a slightly shorter and thinner neck. So with a bit of creativity you might be able to take a standard drawing (lots of free ones out there), thin down the neck and move the nut/head to were the second or third fret is on the drawing. If that doesn't work out let me know as I might be able to draw something up for you and convert it to PDF so that you can print it at a print center or similar.

Oh, I didn't notice that this was posted in the solid guitar section. So read my answer with that in mind

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Thanks for the info.

I think the problem will be mainly the neck.

I'm basing these builds off the Les Paul type body and the Telecaster.

I own a 3/4 scale Les Paul express to I think they'll be on this scale.

But like I said earlier it's just figuring out the neck dimensions and fret board.

I'll give your advice a try I'll keep you posted.

Thanks a million.

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Dimensions will probably be fine. You need to change body transition and a lot of other stuff but width and thickness can be used fro those drawings

BTW, what hardware are you planning on? Have you found a 4-string bridge, pickup(s) and things like that?

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I planning on using a couple of p90 soap bar pickups, and I have a few 4 string bridges.

I also have a handful lipstick picks to try out.
I built a few solid body ukulele's, mandolins and cigar box guitars for friends.
Still tempted to convert that Les Paul express 3/4 scale which I believe is a 23" scale.t
Not sure about the neck being much wider than a tenor neck I've seen online.
Don't know if it matters.
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Just out of curiosity. Do you have a link to those four string bridges? Never know when one can need one...

To create a mathematical correct (don't actually know if thats how its done...) you can use a standard 24 3/4 fretboard and chop it iff at the 5th fret, That will leave 18.542" witch is pretty close to 3/4 of the original scale. I just finished a shorter scale 6-sting acoustic together with my daughter were we chopped of the tree first frets to create a slightly smaller guitar. Worked pretty good, although the scale length ends up at "just over" 21", not spot on.

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I get most of my stuff from C.B. Gitty Crafting Supplies http://www.cbgitty.com.

They have 3 and 4 string bridges at a reasonable price.

4 String bridge


3 String bridge.


I love this place and the prices are very reasonable.

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