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Repairing blistered paint

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I'm wondering if you can provide some advice on recovering a damaged finish. My teenage son has been building his first guitar. The paint was sprayed on and looking great. He wanted to put a clear coat on. He tested on a the back of the guitar and there was no reaction. First coat of clear went on fine. After drying and sanding, he was applying a second coat and about a 5 inch square section on the front has blistered and is peeling. He's devastated and ready to pitch the whole project at this point.

Is there any way to save this? Will the whole thing need to be sanded down? I'm a novice when it comes to painting and finishing things, but I can't see a way to sand things down without wrecking the paint underneath.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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Yeah, odds are it will need sanding back to undamaged finish and then repainted and re-cleared and that likely means the whole body for theit to end up looking like new again. Some pictures of the problem area and details on the type of paint and clear would help. In some cases it may be possible to level the clear and add another coat.


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