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"Faked" Tone Control

Lucius Paisley

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New user here trying out my first modification to a cheapy Squier Bullet.

This one...


Yes, it's upside down. It was a choice between a lefty and a pink guitar. I think I made the right choice. The nut has been flipped, as well as the pickups, then restrung to accommodate me.

So, basically, what I'm trying to do is knock out the bridge pickup, the tone controls, and be left with volume only on the neck and middle pickups.

HOWEVER, because I like the sound of neck tone on 10 and middle tone on 0, I'm wonder if there is any way to "fake" a tone control with perhaps a resister or capacitor so I make the sound of the middle pickup a permanent thing - never mind if I ever want to change that sound, that's what effects pedals are for.

Does anybody have anything similar to this or an idea how I could make this happen?

Thanks from an electronics novice and group newbie.

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Can be done. The simple way to do it is to leave the tone caps in place and fit a resistor to emulate the effect that the tone pot would have when at a fixed position..

For the pot you want to hard-wire as the "0" setting the pot is removed and the lead that once attached to the hot side of the pot gets moved straight to the top of the tone cap.

For the pot that gets hard-wired as "10", a fixed resistor gets fitted in place of the pot that is equal to the value of the pot when at full rotation. For a 250K tone pot the nearest standard resistor values to substitute would be either 240K or 270K.

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After trying to source a local luthier, I gave up and just went with Warmoth for my custom pickguard, which arrived today.18157363_285239218588071_581599894616721256_n.jpg?oh=e7e903f39e0f6bdd6bbf0e27ba576281&oe=59771CF2

So, only (almost) 5 months later, I'm now at the following stage...Image may contain: shoes

I just need to expand the holes for volume and tone - volume pot will be positioned where the second tone pot would usually be, so it will sit at the top.- then I can wire it all up. All the while hoping for the best.

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