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Neck Damage

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Hi folks, first time post here. Firstly i'm not a builder i just play a little bit and tinker ! But i was hoping some experienced guitarist or builder could advise me on a bit of neck damage.

I recently inherited a little Fender Strat. I'm not sure of the age, but it looks fairly new. Unfortunately it came of a display stand for belts, during which time someone drilled two lovely holes through the neck to attach it to the stand.

Now assuming the truss rod hasn't been damaged, other than the cosmetics of filling the neck and fret board, do you see any huge problems which could arise with this little beauty ?

I would love to purchase a new neck, but unfortunately it's not financially feasible at this time, so i just want to have a wee bit of fun with it for now.


Thanks for any advise folks !

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true, without a photograph we can't make a definitive evaluation, but.. if the holes aren't driller through the center of the neck from back to front, there should be no encounter with the truss rod, so other than cosmetics, there will be no problems...



Ron Kirn

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