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Rattlecan finish - recommendations for brands found in Canada

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So, there are a tonne of resources for doing a rattlecan (spraypaint can) finish on a guitar, but they invariably talk about products that are available in the States. Also cannot do mail-order from ReRanch or StewMac or anywhere else that doesn't have Canadian warehouses for shipping. I'm in a big enough city that I have all kinds of access to our Canadian versions of Lowe's and Home Depot. I also have Canadian Tire, There is a store called PartSource that I BELIEVE carries Dupli-Color.

If not specific brands, it would be a huge help to at least know what TYPE of paints I am going for. My understanding thus far is that nitrocellulose is kinda rare to find and you have to be patient with curing it. Polyurethane is a good choice in general but is NOT available in rattlecans, or at least not without garbagey spraying performance.

I don't mind recommendations that produce an "OK but not absolutely amazeballs"  finish. I do want it to be shiney but it doesn't have to be boutique-level shiny. As long as I can add a few coats, sanding to smooth each time, and then do a final finish-sanding and buffing, I'm good. Heck, I'm also OK with brush-on solutions if they're not SUPER-tedious to sand back.

Thanks for any pointers you might have for sourcing guitar finishing products in Canada!

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Thanks, sdshirtman! Through their website, I found a local store that carries their product line. Will give them a call to see whassap.


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The local store (Richelieu) did not have the capacity to help on such a small scale; however, they redirected me to a local "decor" store, Bonds Decor, who carry the Mohawk line and also have their own line of products. Using their house primer, a Mohawk colour, and then a house clear, I should be able to do what I need to do!

Thanks for sending me down the right path. I'll let you know how it goes after I hit Bonds and get around to the actual painting. ;-)

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