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Wiring 2 humbuckers to single Vol/Tone w/coil tap

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Hi Folks!

First post! Had to start somewhere! :) Mutant strat project.. Not sure if this is possible, but can I wire two humbuckers to an LP style 3 way switch, then to a single push/pull coil split vol/tone pot? Is there someplace online one might find a schematic - I've looking for sometime, but not really turning anything up.. I'm thinking I may need a few mini toggle switches to pull it off, but still not sure with the LP style 3 way toggle.. Thoughts? Thank you very much!

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Hey Jeff - always a good one to start with. I don't see why this isn't possible. The toggle can be left of the equation more or less. It simply serves to sum or exclude signals from the two humbuckers before feeding that to the vol/tone part of the circuit.

Push-pull pots are a separate set of mechanisms; the switch is isolated from the function of the pot, but they're controlled by a common actuator...the knob.

So. You wire your pickups to the switch to perform whatever coil cutting you need, then that goes to the toggle to be summed/switched. That signal then goes back to the pot part, then to the output.

Are you wanting a switch on each pot to perform coil cutting, or simply that one switch cuts both pickups at the same time?

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