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String Through Question

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Hi All,

New to guitar building so starting fairly simple by stripping and rebuilding a Warlock guitar I've got hold of, thought I'd do that before attempting a 'from scratch' build. In terms of wood work there aren't really any changes being made to the guitar, it's having new pickups/electrics/hardware etc but I'm not overly concerned about those bits. The one thing I would like to change is that the guitar currently has a wrap around bridge which I'd like to change to a string through type (as in the attached image).

My question is, after the bridge/saddle, is there a set distance you need to observe before the holes through the guitar? I've had a google and a look around on the site but can't find anything definitive so thought I'd ask. I have a pillar drill/jig etc for drilling the holes. Secondly, all the images I've found of string through setups, the bridge is at an angle, is this a required feature of that setup? If so, I'll need to fill the current bridge hold and re-drill. 

Thanks in advance for any information or advice you can offer! :) 


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String though distance has no rule other than minimum string angle over the bridge saddles You need at least 8 - 10 degrees to keep the strings in the saddles. In practical terms though pretty much every bridge has saddles high enough (even after a nice low set up) that running through the body anywhere behind the bridge will give you enough angle. Even trapeze tailpieces give enough.

Bridge angle depends on the bridge. A TOM type like in your picture is typically angled like that to help with intonation. TOMs do not have as much saddle adjustment as hardtails so they are angled that way to get a little more scale length on the bass side.


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