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7-String 3x4 locking tuner set?

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Been looking around, and it seems no one makes a 3x4 (3 bass side, 4 treble side) locking tuner set.

Can someone point me in the right direction if there are any sets already made by one of the major brands (sperz, goh, hipshot, etc.), or am I going to have to get a 3x3 and a custom 4th?  If so anyone know any major brand that will work with me on that or already has them pre-made, I just have to find it in their catalog, etc.?


Thanks for any help.

Modern Schecter C-7 Deluxe satin white.

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Hipshot will sell you whatever left and right combinations/finishes/buttons you like direct off their website.

Schaller look like they're starting to set up an online store on their website. It's possibe that they'll also offer their tuners as individually selectable items.

Hipshot 3+4 sets turn up regularly in Ebay. Seller 'HDcustomguitarsupply' used to do them. Seller 'sporthitech' has oddball combinations up for sale too.

Sperzel tuners are reversible, so if you can get a set of 7 you can partially dismantle them to swap the posts over to make them left handed.


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