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shout out to woodtoworks... great source for wood

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so, first off: not affiliated in any way.  this is NOT shameless self plug or anything like that. 

I've gleaned a lot of good info here from very generous souls and just wanted to A) give back a bit and B ) help out my canadian new best friends - woodtoworks.com!

I recently bought a 5A maple burl top from these guys and after shipping I paid approx $60.  It is a stunning top - a few bark incursions but the figure is all of 5A.  On the down side... right off the bat it started curling up due to the change in humidity.  These are all kiln dried... so there's that.  I'd show ya pics but I just took the top and laid it on a big flat piece of wood, put two straight 2x4s on top of it... and then loaded it down with barbells (I never work out anyway).  Will leave it there for a month.

Anyway, the site has some great prices on tops and body blanks (unglued).  Wanted to share as even after shipping - for what you get, and assuming you are willing to deal with a little bow - they are better than anything I've seen - plus they are canadian which means they are guaranteed good folks ime.

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