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rh reverse headstock rh tuners... can it work?

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ok, so sort of a technical question... I am in love with some korean made right handed jin ho tuners - left handed are not available anywhere.  I have a right handed bass neck with a reverse headstock. 

1) They are open back.  I understand I MIGHT be able to take off the gear, slip out the head, re-insert it on the other side.  anyone do this?

2) They are pretty small profile so they MIGHT be able to fit without overrunning the neck side of the head stock.

3) Other crazy options: I have not drill ed the tuner holes yet... in theory I could simply move the machines 1/4" towards the end.  I know, this sounds crazy.  Med scale bass so... string length won't be an issue... might be kind of funny looking, but just a quarter inch? 

4) stop being silly and order something else in left hand

What say you?

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well, for anyone who cares... I had a set of elephant ears at home and was able to flip them around no problem.  Might be usefull info... should work the same for most.  Don't think it will work for the ones I want as they look like they are sort of sealed in... but measuring them the small footprint will fit so - I'm a happy guy!

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