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Need help choosing body wood for first build

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Hi everyone,

So I'm in my first build and I can't decide on what wood to use for the body. I've made a rosewood neck, I have a dark ziricote top, and I think I would like very very pale wood for the body to clash and bring it the other two woods and the rosewood back plates im making.

I know there's a big debate on tone woods, I was told that the wood probably won't make a huge difference in sound but if you believe it will, I'm going to be using tremonti pickups and I'm looking for a tremonti ish tone.

I was originally thinking mahogany because that's kind of a standard and it's what the tremonti sig prs is made of but obviously that isn't pale. I was recommended swamp Ash but I worry that it would make the guitar too light, I want a bulky heavy guitar.

Sorry for all the unorganised rambling, any help would be appreciated. Cheers

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5 hours ago, ScottR said:

White limba might be the way to go.  I wouldn't normally recommend basswood, but with that ziricote top and a rosewood back plate, it might make a good balance and it is definitely pale.


I really like that, really like the worm marks and obviously the pale. Thanks a lot I'll look into it

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