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Current DIY Sustainer Technology


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Hi guys, I have been tracking the DIY sustainer threads for a number of years, and have even corresponded with the late PSW a few years ago... now i am returning to the project, and am in the process of building a sustainer system using PSW's 3mm driver and the modified Fetzy/Ruby approach, as this was recommended to me by Pete back in 2013. I am having trouble scraping together the most recent technology related to these systems, could anyone summarise the most up-to-date (cutting edge if you will) sustainer design? I just don't want to waste time building an obsolete circuit. 

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As best I can tell there really hasn't been any development on the Sustainer around these parts beyond what PSW was doing. At the time there were a couple of offshoots based on similar ideas, but that was years ago and I don;t know what became of those projects and forum users.

@Cycfi did some interesting experiments over at his website, which appeared to be the best 'new' direction I'd seen in the DIY sustainer, and he still seems to be fairly active over there. But his methods are pretty high up the curve and not for the bedroom hacker, unlike PSWs hammer-and-nail approach. His newer projects appear to be geared towards left-of-field pickup designs rather than the sustainer.

You may find better and more up to date info elsewhere such as diystompboxes, but I think the DIY sustainer is no longer an active project over here at Projectguitar.

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