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Help- Filtertron Neck/Tele bridge with Tone switch


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Simply put: I'm making a gretsch/ thinline tele hybrid. Filtertron neck PU/ Tele Br PU. The back is rear routed like a les paul and the top isn't drilled yet so I can really do any combination of switches/ knobs. 

What I have in mind is 2 switches : PU selector and Tone switch for filtertron only. And 3 knobs: Tele Vol, Tele Tone, Filtertron Vol. With this setup, I'd want the PU selector to work just like a normal tele.

Is this possible? If so, what would wiring need to look like with appropriate caps and pots? 

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What does the tone switch for the Filtertron do? Is it a push-pull pot, mini toggle or something else?

A tone pot that only affects one pickup may be a little tricky if you're using traditional Tele switching. In the 'both pickups on' position the tone control is likely to affect both pickups equally. Independent volumes is doable though.

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