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push-pull mid booster layout


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just thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested.  I did the layout for this "fat control", based on a popular mid booster schematic available on the net... to be used in a future strat build in place of a tone control.  The layout, if printed at full scale, lines up with a pc mount push pull pot. It can be mounted such a pot, and just 4 wires to hook it up - neatly placed on one side for clean wireup.

NOTE: there are two 62K resistors that should fit in the area between the pot lugs and dpdt lugs.  These will effectively convert a 250K pot to 50K.  I think 250k panel mount are on evilbay... but one could change those resistors to suit whatever pot is available.  Also, using some diy and leftover wire lead... you can effectively convert a lug mount pot to work with this.

w clear head this am I re-checked my layout... had made a small error.  corrected that and corrected my parts list as well... also cropped the image for size.FatControl.thumb.png.5c058954005cfc112c457a490ec58559.png

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