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Placing pickups (humbuckers) without the trim ring


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OK here's something i haven't thought of till im going to be confronted with it soon. Iv nabbed a RG220B off Ebay and im going to turn it into a JPM look-a-like. As i was tripping off the hardware i soon realized that the JPM dosen't use the trim rings and was wondering once i purchase two new humbuckers how could i place them without the trim rings :D lol anyone who can school me in that would have my greatest graditude.

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using some 1.5 ince black subdued wood screws are great for this as they will go straigt into the wood and make the holes bigger for the wood mounting of pickups. also my personal taste is to use compressed foam under the pickups like most of the makers who use wood mounted pickups and if you aren't going to be adjusting the heights of the pickups try wood shims.. osage orange is excellent.. also makes a nice plug for the redrilling of the tremelo studs. increases sustain but whoops i have gone too far

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